SEO Campaign

What do you do when your SEO campaign isnt clicking? Are you losing money? Are you going broke? In this article I will give you 7 Reasons why your SEO campaign is not clicking and show you how to make it click.

The first thing you need to do is understand the process and how it works so you can get back to enjoying a high ranking within the major search engines. You see most people get stuck in a rut and stick to what they are doing which is often quite ineffective and is not helping their business at all. The only way to avoid this is by constantly changing and tweaking everything in the system to ensure your website always ranks at the top of the search engines.

This takes time and effort, especially if you don’t have many years under your belt. But it does not have to be that complicated. There are a number of very effective systems available where you can set certain times of day for when you do your SEO and actually see results almost instantly. So even if you have a small budget there is no reason why you cant try the systems out.

If you want to be successful online, you must have good traffic. And this is where most people go wrong. They think having a good amount of traffic is enough to achieve good rankings in the search engines but they are wrong. It is not true that just because a lot of people are visiting your site, your ranking will rise. What matters is that those people found your site and were able to click on an ad or a link and be directed to your landing page or sales page. This gives you a much better chance of ranking higher with the search engines than if you had just a few people visiting your site.

Another thing to look at is the list of keywords and ads that you are using for your SEO campaign. You need to use a list that is very effective and that will help you target the right audience. To do this you should use targeted keywords in your campaign. This means using words and phrases that are likely to be searched for by those who are looking for what you have to offer. By targeting your keywords correctly you are ensuring that a high percentage of your visitors are going to be those who are actually interested in purchasing your products or services.

Once you have found the right keywords you can test them out on any number of keyword search engines. You can find out which ones are performing well and which ones are not by testing the links on your website. If the keywords are working, but your click through rate is very low then you need to work on tweaking your ad so that it is more effective.

The last thing that you need to focus on for your SEO campaign is making sure that you have a good landing page that is optimized for the keyword that you have chosen. A landing page is simply the webpage that a visitor to your site lands on after they have clicked on an advertisement. Making sure that your keywords are included on your landing page will make it much more effective and will ensure that you get more conversions.

Hopefully this article has helped you understand some of the reasons why your SEO campaign isnt clicking. There are many more factors involved and by understanding them you are better equipped to make the necessary changes in order to achieve more clicks and conversions. However, the main thing is to identify what your problem is. From there you can find the best way to address it and increase your click through rates. It is possible to achieve this if you put some hard work into improving your campaigns as well as ensuring that you have the most effective keywords and landing pages.