copywriter tips
copywriter tips

The best Tips for Copywriters

Surely you have already heard of copywriting. And for those who do not know, this technique is one of the most powerful for SEO.

But today I want to bring you a little closer to this Anglo-Saxon concept, and reveal the best tips on this persuasive writing technique .

Online businesses have one goal: to sell . And to achieve it, we can have a well-positioned website, an attractive design and a powerful brand image. True, all these aspects contribute to the cause.

But if we don’t have texts that sell, we won’t sell, and a copywriter has to know how to sell, it’s something basic.

Our blog is the showcase to reach our target audience. To the ideal client. And the posts we write must directly connect with their needs . The user must find in our texts the solutions to the problems he encounters.

And how can we seduce him?

Through the words. Writing epic blog posts, those that are shared exponentially on social networks, will also increase our audience. We will reach more people through copywriting.

But to achieve this, we must write texts that seduce, that are attractive to our readers . And of course, these texts must be read. Because if something is scarce on the internet, it is precisely the habit of reading.

Here it is no longer worth writing a text as if we were writing an essay at the university. The structure of introduction, middle and end does not make sense in the online environment. The Internet has its own rules. And you must know them to get the most out of your blog entries.

Let’s see what the best copywriting techniques are for our texts to be read, create a good impact on our readers, and be shared on social networks.

#1.Be direct, be to the point, be a copywriter who doesn’t beat around the bush

On the internet, users do not read. They scan. And if they find something that interests them, then they stop and read more calmly.

For this reason, you have no time to waste. If you want your articles to be read, be concise, get to the point. Do not overload your texts with content that does not add value and be useful at all times. Leave literature to write a novel. A content agency could also help you .

  • Use short paragraphs
  • structure the content
  • Use the bullets to be more clear
  • Highlight the essential parts of the content

#2.Use a colloquial tone

Imagine that you are writing for a friend of yours. That you are telling him everything you know about a topic to help him understand it.

  • Would you tell him about yourself?
  • Would you use very technical words?
  • Would you use very long sentences?

I am sure that the answer to these questions is always the same: no. When you write on your blog, use a friendly tone. Speak directly to someone, to that person who is reading you. He is the most important thing, and you are telling him something that interests him.

#3.Remember the inverted pyramid

The inverted pyramid is the name given to the way of structuring a journalistic article and written by a good copywriter:

  1. Impressive headline that provides information
  2. Lead with the most relevant content of the news
  3. Development of the information that complements the news
  4. Background and additional information

If you keep this structure in mind in your articles, you will ensure that someone who does not read your entire article has seen, at least, the most important thing. This structuring is also a way of capturing attention, since from the beginning we say what we are going to talk about, and if the content is relevant to the user, we make sure that they will continue reading .

#4.The headline should attract attention

Did you know that according to some statistics only 20% read the text after reading the headline?

One of the most essential copywriting techniques is based on dedicating all the necessary time to find a perfect headline for each post . Those few words are going to get the user to click, and start reading.

The title must capture attention but not at any price: it must contain real information regarding the content. To engage your reader, keep these tips in mind:

  • Formulate questions that you will then answer in the text
  • Go ahead and offer the solution
  • play with irony
  • Do not use more than 10 words
  • List a list

#5.Write at least 800 words

Much has been written about the ideal length for a blog post, and many copywriters have weighed in on it. The truth is that a text must contain useful, relevant and valuable information, and for this there is no ideal extension. However, Google likes meaty and long texts . So my recommendation is that you try to write at least 800 words in your articles.

With this I am not telling you to lengthen the text to get to that figure. If you have written a post with 650 words that you think is complete, do not extend it just because.

Because you will add superfluous content that will play against you. Explain what you want to tell in the exact words, no more, no less. And if you find yourself overextending yourself, get out the scissors and trim text in the editing phase.

#6.Betting on verbs

It is proven that a text that contains action verbs encourages to act . A very common mistake in many texts is to fill it with adjectives: wonderful, fantastic, unique, powerful, irresistible…

Good copywriting uses verbs in your posts, and also in your headlines to call for action.

  1. Our new photography course is the most complete on the market.
  2. With this course you will learn photography techniques from the first lesson.

You see the difference?

The power of a single action verb is more impressive than that of two adjectives in the same sentence. The more adjectives you use, the more it will seem like you are embellishing the text.

#7.Be social my friend

I mentioned it to you at the beginning. If an article creates an impact on the reader, it will be shared on social networks . You must facilitate this task by including social media buttons at the end of your texts. Make it easy for the user. And do not forget to have the comments section enabled and to encourage the reader to leave her opinion.

  1. You have written your article.
  2. You have reviewed it.
  3. You have trimmed it down if necessary.
  4. You’ve spent a lot of time thinking of the best headline possible…
  5. And finally you publish it.

But not only these seven points fit, to be a good copywriter, you must use one of the most important copywriting techniques that exist, the so-called texts optimized for search engines.

After a few hours you get into your blog and reread your article. Then you realize that social media sharing has already started and you have two comments to approve .

This and much more is the reward of being a good copywriter and elevating your blog with copywriting techniques to the Olympus of the gods.