5 YouTube SEO Trends

YouTube SEO Trends
YouTube SEO Trends

If these years of the pandemic have taught us anything, it is that plans can change drastically and we must always be ready to be flexible and adapt. Like any other global transformation, we have been forced to transform traditional marketing and SEO practices for new ones. And in this post I wanted to share them with you.

Unfortunately, we can’t predict what the future will bring, but a few approaches have proven effective over the past year. For this reason, in this post we will discuss the new SEO trends that seem to dominate as early as 2022.

Join us to discover tried and tested global YouTube SEO strategies and find out how they can be implemented correctly.

Why are YouTube SEO trends important?

Over 500 hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube every minute, making it increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. Marketers, content creators, individual entrepreneurs, and brands must offer unique value to engage audiences.

With YouTube, a vital aspect of that value is entertainment, and to entertain, you can’t just produce content that’s like everything else. You must be at the forefront; that is, you must know and master the trends.

The “Explore” page has a trending videos section that hosts videos that are currently in demand. You can include music videos, popular YouTube channels, viral videos, ASMR videos, and more.

Here are some tips that have become a trend for YouTube SEO:

1# Instructional Videos

When a person asks a question on Google, especially “how to” questions, YouTube videos often rank above articles and blogs, especially for hands-on home repairs.

Just look at Google results for the search term “how to fix a faucet.” Today it is even possible to learn how to download YouTube videos and watch them again later.

How-to videos can help users learn makeup skills, cook recipes, troubleshoot software issues, and perform many other tasks. Because they show you how to do something, they are often easier to follow than an article.

2# Challenges in YouTube SEO

YouTube challenges have been around for a long time. From the old-school Cinnamon Challenge or the Chubby Bunny Challenge to the newest “One Color food for 24 hours,” challenges are a great way for creators of all sizes to turn heads.

Some challenges like “Try Not to Laugh” are universal and perennial, but different niches have their challenges too. Food channels, for example, often have calorie or food color challenges.

3# Videos of routines

These videos show the night or morning routine of a YouTuber, including putting on makeup, getting ready for bed, winding down after a long day, etc. They are a continuation of the “get ready with me” trend from previous years.

Creators are shown following their routine, inspiring users to create their routines, or just watching them relax.

4# Short mobile videos

To compete with TikTok and help users create more short-form mobile videos, YouTube launched YouTube Shorts globally in July 2021 and surpassed the benchmark of 15 billion daily average views in the same month.

Shorts primarily caters to mobile users, who were responsible for 40.9% of YouTube watch time in 2020.

5# Current Events

People relate to what happens in the world around them. Content that revolves around current topics can push your videos to the “Explore” page.

But to capitalize on current trends, brands and marketers need to be agile. The best example of the power of recent events on YouTube was in March 2020, when there was a 260% increase in global sourdough video views. With the lockdown baking craze, US stores struggled to supply enough yeast, YouTube came to the rescue.

Whatever happens in 2022, there will be plenty of opportunities for independent entrepreneurs and brands to take advantage of the changes in their niche or local area.

Conclusion on the trend in YouTube SEO

YouTube trends for SEO are constantly evolving. The key to making the most of them is to act quickly while remaining creative and strategic.

No matter the size of your business, you can use these trends to get your product or service noticed by the masses and ultimately get noticed on YouTube.