AI Chatbots

There are many exciting things that we can do with Artificial Intelligent chat bots. We now have the ability to communicate with each other using text. We can also learn to converse in natural language, making it possible for us to be more interactive with others. And most importantly, we no longer need a salesperson or marketing manager to do all the legwork for us.

on-line dating

One of the best uses for chat bots is on-line dating. The rise of social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook has increased the importance of interaction within our global communities. Social chat bots were once part of this movement. Now they are an important tool in meeting new people. However, it is important to remember that these chat bots will never replace real humans in-person; there is still a need for people to perform relationships, whether they are on-line or not.

Another use for artificial intelligence chat bot systems is to help with customer service. There are already several online retailers that provide their customers with virtual assistance. These chat bot programs are able to track customer behavior, record questions that may arise, and even suggest appropriate answers. In fact, some companies have used these chat bots in-house customer service departments. This allows them to concentrate on other aspects of the company while their customers are being served.

Image recognition

Image recognition is another one of the major applications for artificial intelligence chat bot systems. We may not think of image recognition when we think of artificial intelligent chat bot systems. However, this is an area of computer science that has been around for quite some time. Originally, computers would scan documents, books and other items to identify familiar images. As time went on, image recognition became more sophisticated and capable of recognizing not only recognizable images but also general images, such as pictures of people.

Knowledge extraction

Knowledge extraction is the third application of artificial intelligence chat bot systems. Traditionally, knowledge extraction methods involved extensive programming and use of complex databases. With an artificially intelligent chat bot system, however, all of the work is done for you. The bot will look for information in its library and deliver the relevant pieces of information that you may be looking for. Of course, this also saves you a lot of time because you do not have to spend hours searching through documents just to find the answer to a particular question. Knowledge extraction is especially useful for people who need to do a lot of research for a job or a project.

Verbal recognition

Verbal recognition is the forth application of artificial intelligence for a chat bot. Basically, this involves writing a series of text messages for the chat bot to decipher. Once it deciphers the messages, the bot can then tell you what it thinks the message means. It can either confirm or dispute what you have said. This is particularly useful for businesses that deal in sensitive matters that they are unsure of.

In addition to these four main applications, there are many more. There are now image recognition software that can recognize different types of pictures and then filter out what is not human looking. Natural language recognition software is already being used by many companies to help with training their employees. They teach employees conversational English. All of these and more are possible thanks to artificial intelligence.

As you can see, there are a number of ways that you can use artificial intelligence for your business. However, there is one thing that you should remember: you should only trust experts in the field. Never try to solve your problem on your own, especially if you are not really sure about it. Instead of trying to figure it out yourself, it is better for you to leave it to the experts. Only people who know a lot about artificial intelligence can safely help you out