Did you know that you could be sitting in your living room and your computer was handling the brakes, acceleration, turning, and braking while you drove your car? Did you ever think that computers could be so important in our cars? Did you know that the computers in your car are handling all of the sensors and systems that surround the car and detect everything from road debris to potential speed traps or other problems? Did you know that your car can tell you whether you’re having a problem with your engine or whether you’re going to meet with an accident? It’s true, and you might not even be aware of it.

The computer chips that are inside your car are doing far more than simply telling you how to make your driving safer. Some of these computer chips could be configured to activate the airbags in your car without you having to do anything. There are also software programs that could let you know if your car is breaking down or if the battery is about to run out of power.

The systems inside your car are so complex that some people actually hire auto repairmen to trouble shoot their systems. This is because so many of the features of your car could be triggered by the computer. For example, when your car’s radio begins to wail on and off, or when the windows start to beep, or when the glove starts to tremble, or when the engine suddenly starts to race, and all of these things could be the result of your car’s computer system. You could not possibly get a diagnosis by an auto mechanic and so you must have your car examined by a computer technician.

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One of the most incredible pieces of technology that has been placed into our cars is the interactive system, which is called Entertainment Units or EUS. It’s essentially a set of computer chips that is located in your dashboard. Most people have no idea what this thing does and yet it makes your entertainment unit work like an actual TV.

Entertainment Units works by mounting in front of the passenger seats and allows them to play video games, listen to music CDs, and even store MP3 files. The cool part is that they could be remotes so that you could control everything with your voice. They are so advanced that they could allow you to control not only your car but your television, your digital radio, and even your GPS. In fact, they could allow you to control not just your car, but your house, your office, your pets, your computer, and pretty much everything that you do today using voice commands.

Another great piece of technology that is found in almost every car on the road is the entertainment system or EZ pass. Now this is something that a lot of people either completely ignore or totally love. It’s basically a cash register that is mounted in the center of your dashboard. This machine uses the most cutting-edge form of technology that is available and is used for making purchases. You can swipe your driver’s license, credit card, or any other form of wallet through this machine and it would spit out the appropriate amount as a receipt. Believe it or not, this same technology could also allow cars to communicate with your EZ pass via wireless sensors.

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Finally, the automobile itself is becoming more robotic. Computer chips are now being placed inside the car to help with the transfer of data. You could actually purchase things that you may need during your trip such as cell phones, cameras, and entertainment systems. Of course, your car will always keep track of these items for you so there really isn’t any need to buy anything special.

As you can see, computers have definitely revolutionized the way cars are made. Although many older models are still being made by hand, new ones are now being made with some of the latest technology. There are so many new advances that have been made that there are tons of cool things that you could do with your car. Just remember, these advancements don’t mean that you have to spend extra money to drive a faster car. In fact, you might even be able to find some ways to save money if you plan on buying one of these cars in the future.