office at home

In these  article we give you 5 tips to make your home office an idyllic work environment. Don’t miss them!

Find the right space for your home office

To choose the best place to install your home office, you must take into account the use that you are going to give it, so the first question is, are you going to use the office to telecommute? for study? to perform tasks? Or to play on the computer?

If your goal is to work in the office, you should bear in mind that you are going to spend most of the day in this space. Therefore, it must be a comfortable place , with sufficient natural light, with adequate ventilation and, above all, with privacy.

Regarding the working day, there are two important aspects to create an office:

1.- If your work requires phone calls, daily meetings or client visits, the optimal thing will be to have an independent and exclusive space , that is, an isolated room. If this is not possible, you can take advantage of areas such as dressing rooms or closed terraces to create your work environment.

2.- If you are going to carry out tasks that do not involve a high level of concentration, you can join the office to common areas of the home such as the living room or bedroom.

Have you already chosen the area where to set up your office? Go to the next point where we give you some tips for your office at home.

Tips to integrate your home office

1. Take advantage of natural light to create your office

The human body needs to be exposed to a daily amount of light with an intensity that indoor lighting does not provide.

For this reason, it is important to receive natural light in the work area, ideally locating the office table near a window to also have adequate ventilation.

If the office is going to be used more at night or we do not get enough natural light, it is important to install an ambient light that compensates for the light received by the screen. This is a determining factor to avoid tiredness, visual fatigue or headaches.

2. Invest in an ergonomic chair for your home office

Investing in a comfortable and ergonomic chair is essential to avoid pathologies related to sedentary lifestyle. These chairs aim to maintain a correct position of the spine. Its design invites the seated person to keep their arms parallel to the ground and their back straight, to reduce musculoskeletal and circulatory injuries.

Using an ergonomic chair to work translates into an increase in concentration and productivity , and in the prevention of sick leave due to muscle pain.

3. Try a height-adjustable desk

Various studies show that sitting for a long period of time is detrimental to health. For this reason, more and more manufacturers offer height-adjustable desks, whose design allows you to adjust the height to work standing or sitting.

Another way to raise the height of your desk, if you already have a conventional one, is to purchase a lift extender bracketThis design allows you to adjust the height of your computer and its price is cheaper.

Being able to alternate working standing up with working sitting down is a great advantage as it prevents muscle pain and increases productivity and concentration.

4. Decorate the office with plants 

Have you ever wondered why there are plants in every office? First of all, plants bring bright colors to spaces that normally contain many elements with white tones.

Another reason is that plants help reduce stress . According to a study by Helen Rusell, environmental psychologist, journalist and writer, it has been shown that introducing plants in the office reduces tension and anxiety by 37%, and causes depression to decline by 58% and fatigue by 44 %.

In addition, plants are fantastic sound insulators, capable of reducing noise in an office by up to 5 decibels. According to a study by the University of Almería, plants can even reduce road noise by up to 50%.

Finally, plants also improve air quality, offering humidity, a key element in periods of dryness such as those in which high or low temperatures prevail.

5. Use a high-speed Internet connection

According to an article by Movistar, 88% of the Spanish population has access to broadband of 100 MBps. With this bandwidth, it is possible to carry out different tasks simultaneously, such as making video calls, sending files instantly, watching content on streaming platforms or playing games online.

Having a high-speed network connection helps to avoid distractions in the workflow and allows you to perform tasks that require a very good connection, such as sharing files on the web or managing an e-commerce. It is important that there are no interruptions, since a disconnection can cause losses in the work carried out.

A good connection is also necessary if you are going to work at home while your family or roommates are using the internet at the same time. According to Movistar, the ideal for teleworking at home if you live with other people is a broadband connection between 300 Mbps and 600 Mbps. A high-definition group call can consume between 4 Mbps and 8 Mbps.

Do you think that your internet connection does not reach your home office with sufficient quality? You can expand it with a WiFi repeater , a device that duplicates the signal of the router wirelessly.