AI Marketing

So what’s so great about email marketing? It seems every ecommerce seller I talk to has a strategy for engaging their customers on a regular basis. However, if you haven’t taken the time to learn how to use this marketing strategy to its full potential, you’re missing out on an important opportunity to increase your sales. Here are 5 email marketing tips every ecommerce seller should know.

First, your emails should be personal. Email marketing isn’t a magic bullet and neither is building up your email list.

You still need to engage with your customers and build your list. However, emails without personalization and an invitation to listen will not convert.

Second, you always want to offer something of value in your emails.

This may be a free eBook, video tutorial or special report. The idea is to set up a relationship with your customers by offering them something valuable within the context of their shopping experience. This will help to keep your customers engaged in the process and helps to ensure that they remember you and will continue to buy from you.

Third, don’t forget to thank people for taking the action that brought you to their site.

You may have received a flood of traffic, but if someone didn’t click through or purchase from you because they weren’t convinced, appreciate their participation. Send a simple thank you note with a link to the product they just purchased. This can be a great sales pitch if it’s related to the offer they made in their email. Happy customers will be more likely to purchase again, which will lead to more sales and increased profits.

Fourth, don’t email links to sales pages! I’m sorry, but I have to say this straight out:

spamming the email boxes of potential buyers is just not worth it. Spam will turn off consumers and put your own business at risk. So while you may be interested in having your emails sent out to these people, you should send them to an article, blog post or free video instead.

Fifth, never respond to subscribers who request additional information.

These visitors are probably looking for you, but are too lazy to go find you. If you receive an email asking for your opinion on a particular topic, or for more information on a product, don’t give it to them. They may also be interested in your product. Instead, send them to a page or article about that product so they can find out more.

Sixth, make sure all of your emails are properly formatted.

Customers will be turned off if they have to wade through junk emails to get to the real stuff in your emails. Keep your content neat and professional-looking. This makes a big difference when it comes down to making sales.

By following these email marketing tips, you will keep your email lists clean and keep your customers happy. You will increase your customer base and your profits. You’ll also create a better online reputation for yourself, which will be beneficial in the long run. And of course, this goes for any other marketing campaign you decide to engage in.

By now you probably know what a mailing list is. And how important that it is to increasing your sales. So how do you keep yours clean? It’s really quite simple. By subscribing to an email newsletter. There are hundreds of great newsletters available that use your niche and are subscribed to by people just like you.

Subscribing to newsletters gives you one very simple way to market your website and to further promote your products. Every time you publish an article, provide link information within the articles, and make announcements about anything, your newsletter will pick up those messages and place them directly in its subscribers’ inboxes. This way, you are providing valuable information to your subscribers and you’re building their trust in you. As you subscribers continue to read your emails, they will soon begin to see your business as an authority on the topic.

You may be wondering at this point why email marketing tips are even necessary. Well, if you want to get ahead of the competition, then you have to educate yourself. Don’t be afraid to research the latest ways to advertise online. And by using a newsletter to send your customer information to, they will be more likely to purchase from you than if you were just simply posting in generic forums. You can literally take your company to new heights simply by using email marketing tips and techniques.