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When you think of ebook marketing, what do you think of? Do you picture long hours and tens of thousands of dollars worth of investment as you work your way up the ladder from a beginner writer to a seasoned expert? Or do you think of lists of tens of people who will buy your book and then never look back. I think most people would prefer the second option and it is because they have this mindset about ebook marketing that has clouded their judgment.

Ebook publishing is not rocket science, but neither is it easy. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to build a successful business from the ground up. The first step is choosing a niche or topic for your ebook.

Once you have decided on a topic for your ebook, you need to choose a title that sells. You will probably want to write this before you write your book’s content or you could pay someone else to write the sales pages for you. Once you have decided on the title for your book and written all of your book’s content, you are ready to actually begin the process of building content that sells. This is where your “building content that sells” process begins.

I recommend starting out by writing just one blog post or press release a month. Don’t worry if it doesn’t sell immediately. Just keep writing. The more articles and press releases you write and send out, the better your odds will be of finding someone who will actually read and buy your ebook. You can’t expect someone to read your work if they don’t know you. So write something about the problems and frustrations that you are facing in your life and give readers an insight into your personal life.

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Once you have your first book written, I recommend that you publish it as an eBook. There are several ways you can publish an ebook. You can use a service like ClickBank or you can write the book yourself. I would suggest publishing your eBook yourself. Although it will cost you more to publish an eBook that way, you will save time and avoid spending money to get a published eBook that didn’t sell.

After your first eBook is sold, I recommend that you continue to write and publish your content. Write about the things that you have learned along your journey to becoming an internet marketer. Keep writing until you have formed your niche and built up your business.

Your first couple of years of selling ebooks will be the worst. You won’t make any money at it. That’s okay though, because the time you spend at the beginning of learning the business and creating your own ebook will pay off ten fold when you finally become successful. You will then have the time and money to invest in your next book and continue building your business.

The last three tips for building content that sells are simple but must be followed in order to be a success. First, build an opt-in list of subscribers. Second, offer a free eBook to promote, which will also entice visitors to your opt-in list. Finally, send traffic to your website and to your offers.

This is perhaps one of the easiest tips to follow. You don’t even need a website, because you can write your ebook on a word processor, notepads or laptops. You can take any traffic that comes to your site and offer it away for free. Most people like to free stuff, and they like to have options. Write a few articles, place them on the web page of a Squidoo lens, or send traffic directly to a free eBook that you have created.

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If you are new to internet marketing and don’t know how to write ebooks, then consider taking a course. There are several available, including How To Write an Ebook, Secrets of Internet Marketing and How to Create a Captivating Sales Page. You may want to hire a writer, but if you like to write yourself there are plenty of books that teach the process. If you like to spend more time creating sales pages than writing books, then you could hire a copywriter. You can do the work at home and learn by watching videos and reading books.

This tip isn’t about selling something to someone, although it is certainly in that category. It’s about driving targeted traffic to your content. That is the real secret to making money with an ebook. Write it so that it is enticing to readers. If you write content that already sells, then you will never get any sales. If you write content that is relevant to your niche, then it will bring you visitors that are likely to become buyers.